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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cheering for Canadian Gold

Firstly I apologize that this update comes so much later in my quest for knitting gold . I had hoped to keep you updated more frequently on my Olympic sock progress. That plan was derailed by the heavy work load I've had since my return from Hawaii. Actually, my heavy workload has also derailed my knitting progress too! I've only managed to knit 20 rows in the last 2 days. I'm hoping that I have gotten caught up enough at work that I can pull out a "win" on these socks.

My original strategy was to be finished pair #1 by Saturday afternoon/evening and cast on pair #2 over the weekend. I'm hoping I can still stick to the schedule, even if it means pulling a late nighter on Friday. Grandpa's socks are quite a bit larger- so it should, in theory, take me less time to knit Grandma's.

Here's what sock 1 of Grandpa's socks looked like last Sunday. (I've been so busy at work I haven't had a chance to take any other pictures!)


I cast off the toe on Tuesday and cast on for pair 2 and quickly made work of the cuff. Then work dominated my life and I was unable to get much progress in.

The medal is feeling a little bit off in the distance at the moment, just because I have concerns about more work hindering my progress. (Can I get a written note or something to excuse me from being busy until after the Olympics?) I must say though- despite my concerns, I've been having a BLAST watching team Canada representing my country. Today's gold medal win in Speed skating is the right motivation to get me motivated to win my knitting gold!

And, in an entirely unrelated note, but it was too great not to share- this had me laughing my butt off at work today. The right thing to lighten my mood. A little knitting humor for ya!

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Anne B. said...

You can do it, rah-rah, shish boom bah! Alternatively, tell your boss to stuff it, and go home! Man, I give great advice!