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Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Olympic Start and Goals

Who are you cheering for this winter Olympics!?


That's right! I had so much fun during the 2008 Summer Olympics, I had to participate in the Ravelympics for Winter... especially since my country is the host country. (I'm "jennipoo" on Ravlery... not nennieknits, just in case you wondering who the heck this "jennipo" was.)

I've decided to challenge myself this year, and knit TWO pairs of socks, since last time around, I finished my Olympic sock with time to spare. When Grandpa Johnson called this Christmas to wonder "where the heck are my socks", I thought I'd knit he and Grandma socks for my challenge this year. Both patterns are relatively simple, (especially since the last socks I knit for them, (here and here) they deemed "too fancy" to wear.)

For Grandpa I'm knitting Mr. Pitt's socks again- they're simple enough that he should wear them. For Grandma, (who's a knitter so I had to do something a little more interesting), I'm going to make the Nutkin socks. Will I be able to complete both on time? Adding a slightly more difficult element to my plan- (and the reason for my silence this week), is that I'm not currently home. I'm on vacation somewhere tropical- and well, my desire to knit anything is greatly diminished. On the upside, we return soon- and I will throw myself into the knitting.

I also made progress on the blanket before I left, getting it cast off the needles. It still requires a border to finish it off, (unofficial goal to also finish during the Olympics), but I'm quite pleased with the results.

Representing the beginning of the "story"- I put the knit the parent's names at the beginning:


Representing where the couple met- the Husky, the University of Saskatchewan's mascot.


Representing their first date to the symphony, a violin and bow:


The blanket is definately coming along- let's hope I can find some time to get this project out the door to my friend at the end of February!

I'm so excited for these Olympics- I can't wait to get started!!

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