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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Final Stretch

If this were a race, the announcer would be excitedly telling you that I'm rounding the track, coming down the home stretch with only a few hurdles remaining. He could also tell you that I'm ahead of the race... but that's because I like to win!


That's me, starting the 8th panel on this surprisingly quick knit! It seems like I set myself, determined to make this, and loads of quick garter stitch later- I'm nearly done. I'd like to knit 10 panels and then do a (*gasp) crochet border to finish up the edges.

The hurdles the announcer is telling you about are the ends. UGH. Do I ever hate weaving in ends. BUT, I'm forgoing my dislike of such a miserable task because I care very much about Miss Melly and her very handsome Mr. Owen, and well, the "ends" justify the means in this case. (Someone arrest me for making a really bad pun... that kind of thing shouldn't be allowed!)

If the knit gods smile on me in just the right way this weekend, I should have this project off the needles and be able to switch my focus back to the other projects I've sort of ignored this summer. Remember Ellington, Goodale, Charade? HA... neither do I! I'd love to make September all about wiping the Works in Progress slate clean, so that when the cool chill of October hits- I can actually sink my teeth into some really satisfying fall projects, like mittens, hats and even a sweater!

And so I forge ahead, finishing up this blanket race in the hopes that I will be able to present to it Owen at his shower. I hope to hear you cheering for me in the stands!

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