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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garter Stitch = Awesome

I remember a knitting event I attended a few years ago where someone referred to Elizabeth Zimmerman (patron saint of knitting) as hating purl stitch. Maybe she didn't HATE purling as much as she loved the knit stitch? Either way they used the fact that much of her work was done in the round or used garter stitch to back up their claim.

You know EZ was on to something I think- this garter stitch thing knits up fast! Endless rows of knitting, knitting, knitting actually go by very quickly!

I had originally planned not to discuss this project and leave it a surprise for my friend Mel*, but, uh... then this blog would be silent for the next month and you wouldn't get to hear how much I'm loving it.

Day 1 (Aug 11) it looked like this:


Last Saturday it looked like this (Aug 14):


And before you know it, this afternoon (Aug 21) it looks like this:


This project is all mitered squares, knit one after the other in blessed garter stitch. My original goal was to knit 2 squares a day, but these little square so fast I'm more than likely to eek out at least FOUR if not more. At this rate the blanket is moving a long at a steady pace and I might, MIGHT just be able to have this done for Miss Mel's baby shower on Sept 18. MIGHT. (I promise nothing.)

As you can see the blanket is quite cute and is going to be a stunner when it's done. The downside? The number of ends to weave in. OH this blanket has so many endless ends to weave in. BUT, even the ends can't seem to deter me from loving this little project (so far) and I've made a personal rule to weave in the ends after each row of squares so that I don't feel overwhelmed at the end of this project.

Garter stitch- I think I love you!!!

*(Hey Melly, I know you said no blankets but I really wanted to make you one- I've made one for all my close friends and I wanted you to have one from me too. Please forgive? I figured you were trying to save me some blanket agony after watching me knit so many- but I wanted to make one for you!)


Anne B. said...

It seems like this one is a joy to knit! It loosk beautiful.

MerlPerp said...

I'm beginning to discover that blankets are indespensible at our house and this one look so fun! Plus, with my outright HATRED of weaving in yarn ends, there is no way that I would do this myself. Owen approves!