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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sweaters for Everyone!

As we all patiently wait for the Rainbow Ripples blanket to get off the blocking board so that I may take glamorous photos of it, you are instead treated to a post about something that does NOT include a baby blanket. (I KNOW! So exciting right?)

I think we all needed a break from the baby blanket deluge, me especially, and since I seem to be caught up to the demand, I can now, turn my attention to sweaters. I appreciate it is entirely too late to be thinking about warm sweaters given that spring is technically upon us, but alas, I want to make sweaters, so sweaters shall be made!

First I started with a quick little distraction.


This is a dog sweater for Kevin. Kevin is a co-woker's dog, who is a super skinny Italian Greyhound. Needless to say, this cold Calgary winter has been really tough on Kevin, who doesn't want to go outside (who can blame him?) and do his business. Sadly he's choosing to do his business inside... which is where I can hopefully help. I told Kevin's mom, when he was a wee tiny puppy that I'd knit him a sweater when he was more full grown. Well- the time has come, and hopefully this cute little sweater will be just what Kevin needs to WANT to go outside again.

Second up is a sweater I've been wanting to make for a long time. LONG time. Finally, FINALLY the Fireside sweater is at gauge swatching stages. I have the right yarn now, and I decided that NOW is the time to make this cozy, lovely sweater. I even got gauge on the swatch! So, there's nothing stopping me from casting on and making some room in the stash!


So that's what I've been up to lately. A little bit different from the regular parade of blankets I seem to have been working on.

*Can I get a big "YEAH" for daylight savings time? Now that the sun will still be out when I get home from work- blog posting and picture taking should become MUCH easier. Let's all cross our fingers!

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