It has been since I last bought yarn!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


So, it turns out that if you actually spend time knitting, you make progress! (Who knew?!) Progress on the Welsh Blanket is actually moving along at a (gasp!) NORMAL PACE. (Is there someone who can throw confetti in the air to celebrate?)


It's actually quite satisfying to see that I'm getting somewhere on this project. This picture is 10 inches in. You'll notice I did not begin with knitting a border this time, but there's a lovely pink acrylic bordering this blanket. I opted to provisionally cast on for this project because I worried (correctly) that the garter stitch border would be taller than the actual pattern. Since it's shaping up to look that way, I can fudge the borders on this blanket at the end, to try and get a better "lie flat" look to the whole thing. I will say that the Berroco Comfort yarn is proving to be an excellent choice for this project and in general I'm quite proud of myself to getting back in the saddle with this.

The one problem I have with this blanket is that it doesn't exactly lend itself to "social knitting". I can listen to a book, or watch TV while I knit, but I'm it's harder to participate in a conversation and follow the pattern. I'm heavily debating casting on another, very simple blanket (I have so many babies other than my own due this fall!), to drag around with me to other people's houses.

This last comment about needing to make an easier blanket helps me open the door to my little confession. I had a falling down recently at a yarn store.


Maybe "falling down" isn't the right phrase? I had a "falling down into a black hole where I could not be stopped" is probably a little more accurate. It turns out that Mission Falls is going the way of the discontinued yarn. And my favorite little yarn shop, (Pudding Yarn) put it's stash of it on it's sale rack and included it in it's 75% off sale that is holds annually at Stampede. What if I told you I bought all of this yarn (21 balls) for LESS than $40. It's MERINO Superwash! It's a deal. I don't even feel the usual guilt about buying it!!

I'm thinking the Navy/Red would lend itself to a beautiful, simply striped stocking stitch blanket and the Beige would be a really cute blanket too. So I'll be on Ravelry all afternoon doing a little research on that.

Anyways, thought you'd like to see that I'm holding true to last post's promise that I would be back more regularly and that I'm knitting again. Thank you all so much for your kind comments on our exciting new. We're equal parts thrilled and absolutely terrified- but I will admit I can't wait to meet this little person and see how they're going to grow up. (And people... knitting upside, I figure I will have a cute little knitting model to show off all sorts of cute things!)

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Anonymous said...

*Throws confetti* HURRAH!

Have fun deciding on your next blanket project. With classic colours like that you can't really go wrong :)