It has been since I last bought yarn!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Keeping on Track

Just thought I'd stop by here quickly to update you on the progress over here at Casa de Nennie. (I'll be quick this week!)

The July hat is done- and I am still on track for my hat-a-month pact with my knitting group.


I'm also making progress on both blankets- although I'm giving much more devoted time to the Welsh Blanket.


I will admit that I am just starting to feel the strains of "blah" with the Welsh blanket. My brain is starting to feel like it's kind of over the whole "look how cool the pattern looks" and is more like "are we there yet?" for the border add on. Blanket measures approximately 23" so far, so I figure about 10 more inches and I will indulge myself to begin the borders. I'm trying to get at least 16 rows done a day. That doesn't always happen, but I find little short term goals like this help to break down the monotony once a project hits that "I'm over it stage."

I had been thinking this blanket would be for my little one... but husband and I have been discussing nursery themes and I'm already indulging delusions of grandeur of another magnum opus. The bigger factor at this point is time. IS THERE TIME to do anything else?

The Moving Mountains blanket is also proving to be a worthy and very quick distraction. (Yay!) It's great to just pull it out when I need to take something along and quickly move along on making progress. I think that once I'm able to devote myself to it completely it will probably finish quite quickly. (Personal rule: can't even work on Mountains until Welsh Blanket has seen at LEAST 16 rows... 32 rows a day on a weekend.)

I keep telling myself to focus on the tasks at hand... FOCUS, because I'm just itching... DYING to cast on the socks all of a sudden. The good news is that there are a few airplane trips in my future and I will allow myself a sock indulgence for those, but not until those come up. I know that focusing on the two tasks at hand here will ultimately result in 2 finished blankets, which is what I need more than a pair of socks at the moment.

So that's what's happening. Progress continues... but there's nothing I can really show off yet. Hang in there- I feel like August is certainly going to be a month for finished stuff!