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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moving On

See you later Snowflake socks!  After getting far-ish into the leg pattern I noticed a problem- it was baggy.  Really baggy.  BUT, the cast on was so small it had to be bigger to get on your foot in the first place.  I decided instead of agonizing how to get the right cast on and figuring out how many stitches to drop down, or needle sizes to drop down to get the leg to fit I was just going to let it go.  And I did.  I frogged the whole thing and it's over with.


Lest you should worry I haven't done anything- I still have had a couple of productive days here.  The Sheep hat is finished- and oh man is it cute!


Pattern: Sheep Hat by Renee Lorion (I seriously love this book- I really want part 2!)
Yarn: Leftover Berrocco Vintage from Parker's Blanket
Needle: US 7
Thoughts: There is no way this could be cuter.  There's a little part of me that wants to make a matching sweater in the trinity stitch.... but for now I just keep coming back to look at this and "squee" over the cute.  Contrary to my concerns this is the right sizing for a 6+ month old head.  I would LOVE to show you an adorable model wearing this, but he would not wear this for even 5 seconds for me to take a picture.  (Someone hates hats... it's depressing to have a kid who could be covered in cute knit hats but hates them.)


I also had one of those weird "must knit this out of the stash NOW" moments with some yarn I've had in the stash forever.  And so I was inspired to make a cute little newborn outfit with it.  The yarn colors makes me think of cupcakes- so I've been calling this the cupcake set.  The hat pattern is the Easy Peasy hat pattern, the booties are the famous Saartje's Booties and the All Buttoned Up sweater is a great little pattern found on Ravelry.


It's been fun to knit this and it feels good to get the yarn out of my stash- hopefully we'll have a big reveal on this little set for you soon.  (Hopefully someone has a little girl this year... everyone I know is having boys.)  I've been really enjoying the freedom to just pick up and knit small projects.  It's great to feel free to do this again.  I do need to cast on another blanket eventually, but I'm thinking July and August are still all about "small things".  

Lastly, I need to tell you how I did at the Stampede this year.  


I don't know how to say this without sounding ungreatful/whiney, because I'm not, I'm just very, very competitive and so I'm a little disappointed.  My socks placed 3rd in their category and the blanket did not ribbon.  People have been so kind to send in their congratulations on my ribbon, and thank you for that, but I was hoping for a little better.  That being said I will not dwell on this for long- as my sister pointed out "if you won every year it wouldn't be a challenge for you".  She's right.  And so I have been scouring Ravelry for the right entry for next year and trying to come up with something that challenges me and shows really well.  So... in the theme of this post- I'm moving on!

In the meantime, I have this cute little cowboy to comfort me- this picture never fails to make me smile.

Mama's Cowboy

*next blog we discuss the "Ravellenic Games" I promise.


Joanne said...

I completely sympathize with the competitive OUCH of no ribbon - I had 2 entries and one ribboned and my shawl did not... while the first in the category was amazing, I still had a moment of pouting over my NOTHING.

Next year - next year will be better!

Rycrafty said...

I felt the same about my 3rd place! I mean, I'm happy to have one of the fancy 100th anniversary ribbons, but after the first shock of joy of seeing a ribbon pinned on my sweater, I did think (in my inside voice) "Well last time I got...."

It's just spurred me to actually think about what to knit for Stampede for 2013, rather than picking something out in June from what I'd knit in the previous 12 months.

Anne B. said...

Of course I thought your stuff should have cleaned up, but I do need to mention that the competition was incredibly fierce this year. Even in the baby stuff there were 2-3 things that took my breath away with their beauty, instead of just acrylic crochet things.Adorable baby darling!