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Sunday, July 29, 2012


My Olympic glory could be in jeopardy.  I spent the day in the virtual "medic" tent trying to salvage a knitting fail.

Things started out very well... I cast on at 2:00 pm and the bambino had a SUPER nap allowing me lots of uninterrupted knitting time.  By the time I had viewed the opening ceremonies, I was doing pretty great.  (These pics are from my Ravelry page- reminder there's a link in the sidebar {----->} so you can monitor my Olympic progress.)


Saturday, buoyed by some good napping again, I was able to really make progress.


This photo was taken at 8:00 pm.  The tragedy happened somewhere around 10:30.  I finished the cuff section and I had three nagging issues:

1) The picot cuff looked crooked
2) The white yarn seems to be too thin to stand up against the beige yarn and the stitches were looking a little off.  (Beyond blocking help, off)
3) I could barely, BARELY get the cuff over my hand and it fit tight on my wrist.


I decided to admit the false start and start again.

I recast on this afternoon making a few adjustments.  I went up a needle size, because even though I knit a GAUGE swatch, that swatch LIED to me.  (I can't even bring myself to look at the gauge swatch right now I'm so mad at it.)  Secondly, I changed the contrast color yarn.  I had a creamy color knitpicks in my stash that had more "heft" and "loft" to it, and I think it will stand up better to the stitches in the beige.

So far, I'm right.

(MUCH better)

It hurts to have lost two days of knitting to this failure- but I'm hoping that I can "deal with this injury" early on and that it won't destroy my Olympic gold medal dreams.  I've told myself if I can knit the entire hand by Thursday, I'll still be in good shape to finish.  Wish me luck!

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