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Monday, February 18, 2013

Blankets Aren't So Bad...

Remember when I was knitting the Diamond Cable Blanket and I was just B.O.R.E.D out of my mind and I couldn't find anything to say because I was SO. BORED?

That isn't the case here at all.  I'm actually quite enjoying this knit- enough that I don't want to take time out of my day to come here and tell you about it.  Progress is going quite well...


This is after 3 out of 9 balls and 8" in.  Maybe it's because this is going to be a short blanket; or maybe it's because the rows without a cable go insanely fast; or maybe it's just because the yarn is quite delightful and soft, but I am really enjoying this blanket and the knitting.  Enjoying it enough that I would totally knit this pattern again- I keep thinking how lovely it will look in a varigated yarn!

I know I said that I'd get around to casting on MiL's mittens, but the charm of this blanket has held me pretty solidly and I haven't wanted to cheat on it- I just want to knit and finish it!  (Weird for me... I know!)  Usually by 10" in I am regretting the fact that I'm knitting a blanket and already dreaming of the next project to cast on and start.  I've decided to allow myself to get to the halfway point of this project (4.5 balls of yarn) and then I must, at least, cast on the mitten and get going on it- and finish one.  That seems fair right?

I've started thinking about my Stampede entry for this year- and I think I know what I'm going to do- although it's going to be a "more than I can chew"' kind of thing, I can just tell.  I think I'll keep it a mystery for now, but my goal is to start knitting for that in April.  So- yes, more blankets on the horizon- but this one will be insanely cute.  Does that help?  (I can't believe I've let this blanket lull me into a false sense of security!)

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