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Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Blues

Well... it's official!  Baby cookin' in my friend's belly is a little BOY and I've set to work trying to decide what I'm going to knit for her expected little guy.  (Coming around New Years!!)  I need to get started on this project now in order to be done before Christmas.  And so I spent my "nap time" on Ravelry looking at all the baby blanket options and narrowed it down to my favorites.  As usual, I'm undecided and so I turn to YOU, dear blog readers, to help me choose.

Here's what I've narrowed it down to.... (None of these pictures are mine- I've taken them from Ravelry posted by other users.... I hope I'm not committing a blog sin by doing that.)

1) 3D Argyle Blanket : I've had this sitting in on my "favorites" list over at Ravelry for a looooooooooong time.  I love the look of the blanket and, bonus, it should be a reasonably easy knit.  (Famous last words...)  The key here is to buy the right yarn, that will have enough sheen to highlight the changes in the stitch enough to really show off the argyle.

2) For a Bonny Babe: This is a classic looking baby blanket.  The cabling shouldn't be too troublesome and there's a lot of seed stitch in there that this blanket will need little to no blocking.

3) Star Light, Star Bright: Another blanket that has been in my favorites for awhile.  I worry here that the pattern could be too feminine (scalloped border) and so I'd probably "dumb" the border down to make it less "girlie".

4) Alphabet Blanket:  I saw this blanket ages and ages ago and bought the book, so enamored was I with it.  And then I saw the COPIOUS charts that accompanied the pattern and chickened out.  Now I'm less frightened of the pattern and am seriously considering knitting it up.  Am I insane?

pig chicken bunnyCow
5) Dishcloth Farm/Zoo/Circus Animal Blanket: This would be similar in style to the "Baby Beef" blanket I knit a long time ago.  Except I would use the same pattern author (her stuff is so cute!) and knit various animals based on the theme I go with.  By using the same author, the patterns should all be around the same size and will make the 'figuring it out' portion of this blanket less challenging.  This has the potential to be REALLY cute... but it also requires the most from my brain power.

SO.... what would you choose to knit?  HELP ME DECIDE!  Vote now!  (Voting closes by Wed Aug 28th at 12:00 pm)

And lest you think you're being used just for opinions these days- behold- ACTUAL KNITTING CONTENT.


The Mystery mitten has seen some progress... although sorry- it still remains a mystery.  (The 3rd time was apparently the charm!)


And I knit another hat to work on that pink stash!

I'm expecting another charity blanket to show up today, and one (HOPEFULLY) next week.  (The blanket is delayed and I'm worried it's going to show up just as we're moving back into our house and then I'm going to hold it up.)  After that I'm going to take a charity blanket break for awhile and start focusing on my mittens and whatever blanket we decide I'm going to knit.

Looking forward, as usual, to see where your votes will lie!


Rycrafty said...

I love the argyle one!

Anonymous said...

Had to go with the argyle! Anne B.