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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Charity Week

Well, as promised the days since my last blog post have been dedicated to charity knitting.

The WCOBB blankets showed up on Friday and I immediately set to work getting them out the door.  (I hate having them sit around.)

This is "Speed Bump".  (I really like it when a blanket has a cohesive pattern through out.)


And this is "Square Dance".


I hit a bit of a snag with Square Dance and actually ran out of the yellow yarn too early.  (oops)  You're supposed to knit 6 inches in your section and I only made it to 4.  Thankfully a quick dive in MiL's stash gave me a light yellow to throw in the mix and finish my pattern.

I also finished my hat quota for the year!  Say hello to Ms. November and Ms. December hat!


There's still a fair bit of yarn to keep going on hats, so despite being done the minimum, I still need to bust down more stash in the pinks.  (I want it GONE before 2014- GONE I SAY!)  I will say this, the charity projects have really helped me bust down my acrylic stash this year.  I'm going to start a project to get rid of the red acrylic before the end of the year too, but I just need to get home first.  (More on that in a minute.)

I'm still waiting on one more blanket that should be coming soon- but since it hasn't arrived I also cast on a quick hat for my dentist, who I'm seeing this week (just for a mouth guard fitting... apparently I'm stressed....) and will be a father for the first time when I see him again.  It's a long story but I sorta know my dentist from a past life in University and we were kind of friends.  Anyways, I thought it would be nice to give him a hat for his little bundle of joy- so I'm knitting an Easy Peasy hat to give to him.


(Funny story- they actually called me to come in early this week and I said no.  Not because I couldn't, but because the hat wasn't done!  Haha!)  I feel like last time we talked he told me he was having a girl, but I might whip up a "boy hat" too... just in case.  In my experience you can never have too many baby hats anyways.

We are still out of our house, and hoping this renno will get done soon.  Sadly our "move back in" date got pushed back from the long weekend until Sept 12.  Please cross your fingers and send us mojo that we'll be back in for Sept 12.  I REALLY MISS MY HOUSE... and okay, I miss my stash.  I've been diving in MiL's stash a few times already, and well I'm sure she doesn't mind, I'd still like to get my stash cleaned out too!

I'll finish this post on a happier note... here's the kiddo and I lying around the park.  (Cute story: I laid down on the blanket while we were hanging out in the sun, and he came over, cuddled in next to me and laid down too.  It was so sweet- and one of those special "mom moments" you can never fake.  In short... it was awesome.)


Stay tuned for more projects coming soon!  (Probably a fall blanket to kick off in Sept if my friend will get back to me on the sex of her expected little one.)

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