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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mysterious Obsession

I'm not sure if this is just a phenomena with me- or if other knitters experience this, but sometimes I get so excited about working on a project, I can't put it down.  Often this occurs at the detriment of other obligations.

This has happened to me in a big way.  There's a long list of things that I SHOULD be doing- all of which aren't being done because I am so excited about what I'm knitting at the moment.

I ended up getting the Argyle blanket off the needles earlier than I had planned.  (Remember, according to my schedule  I had to cast it off on Nov 15- I was well ahead of it.)  And so, without a blocking board to immediately advance to the next step, I decided to draw up my plans for the mystery project for Christmas.  Those plans came quicker than I had thought and soon enough I was casting on.

After I cast on, the blocking board showed up- but I could not tear myself away from the project.  I was a woman obsessed.  SO obsessed- that I can now report that I am nearly already half done!  I'm sorry that I cannot share photos here- it must remain a mystery until after it has been gifted for Christmas.  For those of you curious you can check out the mystery project on my Ravelry page, if you're a member. (Thankfully, the recipient is not.)

The problem with Mystery projects is that they make for really boring blog posts because I can't show you anything!  So, instead, I shall satiate you with a pic of my child who is now 2.  (2!!  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!??)  (Another reason why blog posting has been less of a priority- sorry!)


Lest you worry that I will be wholly consumed by this project, I've made a deal with myself that this blob here:


needs to be put on the blocking board today before I can knit any more on the mystery project.  This blanket still has a Nov 30 deadline.  But I'm hoping that by setting boundaries with myself and forcing me to block before doing anything else, (blocking is necessary before I add the dreaded crochet border) I can satiate my need to knit the mystery project and also my personal goal of getting the blanket done before December.

I'm sorry that this has become a rather mysterious place for the next little while.  Again, Ravelry members can sneak a peek over there- but I'd like to surprise the intended recipient and I risk that person reading it here.  SO- enjoy the mystery.  (AND OH- think of the awesome "reveal" blog posts after Christmas!!)

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