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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mystery Knitting Continues

Oh yes.  I maintain a knitting blog.  I forgot!

Well, not really, I've just been furiously knitting, trying to jam my Christmas knitting in and stay ahead of the curve.  I always seem to think I'm capable of impossible feats, and so, feeling rather high over the fact that one of the mystery projects is nearly complete, I added another one to the list.  As if time was just something I had in spades.  HAHAHAHAHA.

A 3rd mystery project is not all that of an exciting announcement here- as all of my knitting this Christmas seems to be shrouded in just that, mystery.  No pictures.  No proof, (unless you're following my on Ravelry and then, there's no mystery there!), just a promise that I'm not sitting at home twiddling my thumbs and in the down time- I am, in fact knitting.

I've had to adjust my projected finished timeline.  The blanket, which is just shy of one more round of the dreaded crochet is on hold.  Baby isn't due to January 1.  And, while I know babies sometimes make early appearances, I'm hoping this one holds on until after Dec 25, when all projects should be gifted and completed and I can once again return my attention to the blanket.


I can vaguely tell you what else is up.  Christmas mystery 1 is nearly complete and OH LORD am I proud of myself of that one.  I can't wait to show you pictures.  Christmas mystery 2 was begun and about 35% of the way complete when I confessed to myself that the recipient would hate it.  And so, I had to regroup, FROG, and move forward.  Hence the birth of Christmas mystery 3, which is about 45% underway and looking quite spiffy.  (Although the pattern is going to make me cross-eyed.)  Ravelry members can totally spoil themselves and see what I'm talking about on my page there, but until Dec 25, this place is going to continue being rather bland.  I apologize.  (But just think of the photos and post AFTER Christmas.  It will be glorious and thrilling don't you think?)

I spent an absolutely PERFECT morning this am, "Yarn Crawling" with some ladies from my knitting group.  Happiness is yarn shopping with other fanatics.  We hit all but one of the shops in town, (sorry Knitting Room you're just so far out!), and all of us walked away with a few treasures.  Mary and Robin- you should have hit Make 1 with us- the yarn selection was great and the 25% was SWOON worthy.  I walked away with this unbearably soft silky baby llama yarn that I'm going to selfishly make something for me out of. 


(What you don't understand here is just HOW soft this beige yarn is.  I get weak knee'd just thinking about it!)

Sale goes until Dec 31.... GO.  GO NOW.  (In fact part of me is seriously, SERIOUSLY debating buying more of this delightfully soft and swoony stuff and making a sweater for my sister too.  Because again, I seem to think time is something that grows on trees.)

Also, fair warning about 2014.  The baby announcements are coming in tidal wives... I have 3 blankets to knit before May.  Brace yourselves- there will be much activity on that front.  

I'm sorry the posts have been few and far between, mystery knitting is hard to talk about.  I'm not away permanently, just trying to keep some things a surprise.  Check me out after Christmas- I'm going to be post heavy- I promise!

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