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Friday, February 7, 2014

Late Breaking Olympic Update

I hmmm'd and haaaa'd a bit over what my Olympic entry would be this time around, and even gave serious consideration to not entering anything.  BUT, I decided I still wanted to compete, I just had to be realistic about what I was doing.  I knew I could not knit a whole baby blanket in 2 weeks, I KNEW that.  But I also wanted to finish the one I had and move on to other things and so... without further ado, I'm happy to announce:


I'll be participating win WiP* Dancing at the Ravellenic Games on Team Canada.  I'll be taking a project that I began PRIOR to the Olympics and setting my goal to finish it during the Olympics.

Hear that Umaro blanket?  I'm going to try to finish you.  This isn't an easy challenge, but I'm hoping that it's something I can do.  Watch here for daily updates during the Olympics as well as blog posts that will update you as to how I'm doing.

*Works in Progress

Further notes: I will consider a gold medal finish if I use up all of my yarn and weave in the ends.  I am not going to count blocking as part of a "finish".  Blocking can occur after the Olympics, but the most important thing is that the yarn is all used up and the ends are all woven in.

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