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Friday, February 14, 2014

Sochi Knitter

Well, progress is progress- it's somewhat hard to see that I'm progressing and I'm really over this pattern.  (Typical pattern ennui.)

 It's a little hard to feel like this is Olympic knitting, because when I knit, the Olympics are airing repeats, as most of the events of the day have already happened and I know the results.  I usually knit in the afternoons and evenings when my little "big guy" is sleeping.  I really haven't actually watched any Olympics and knit at the same time.

I've been really proud of Canada so far- we've done really well.  Although, there's a little part of me would like us to pick up the medal winning pace again.  ;-)  Hopefully we'll add another medal today in figure skating.  NO PRESSURE Patrick Chan.... except.... PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE.

I really regret not noting how far I was prior to the Olympics on this blanket.  But Progress is being made.

Here's BEFORE the start....


Earlier this week.....


And Yesterday....


I'm at about 22" into this project.  I started with 6 balls of yarn to work through, and am down to 3.5 remaining.  I'm working at a decent pace but will need to continue knitting furiously if I hope to have a gold medal finish.

You can keep updated on my progress at this link, which gets updated earlier than this blog.  (Sorry- need to knit frequently, so updates are going to be brief.)


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Rebecca Mongrain said...

This is just gorgeous and makes me want to knit one myself. In fact, I think I shall!