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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Quickie

The problem with knitting a circular blanket is that it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger- so that eventually your circular needle stops showing off your progress and pictures of the project look the same over and over again.  I've made lots of progress- you just can't really tell.  Great project but makes for crappy blog fodder.

I'm on the final section of this blanket now and had a small mishap already.  The final section is a simple feather and fan pattern which is great, but also tedious because you're knitting like a million stitches.  (Well, close to 600 but still- it's a LOOOOOOOOOONG knit per round.)  Anyways I began the section and was 6 rows in when I realized that I was actually knitting section 1 stitch pattern instead of feather and fan.  UGH.  Tinking back those 6 rows was NOT FUN, but we're finally on the right track now so I'm happy to report progress is moving along.

I also had a very helpful text message from Knitting Under Water (Hi Anne!) this week and she suggested something for the thumb that I think is really going to work.


Better?  Yes?  I would like to work on the horse a little more, I'd like it to be a little clearer but I'm quite happy with this now.  Happy enough that hopefully I can CAST THIS ON NEXT WEEK!?  Let's hope so.

Other than that, we're also dealing with a little situation at our house that's made knitting time a little bit more sparse.

Ouch.  It seems you can jump off the couch 999 time without incident, but should you attempt the 1000th jump you'll likely hurt yourself.  Aside from one's leg being in a cast being an enormous inconvenience, Parker is actually doing really great. He's a little annoyed by his "Cookie Monster leg" but he's already cruising around on his cast like it isn't that big of a deal.  Nothing showed up on the X-ray but since he wouldn't weight bear on his foot, the assumption is that he has a tiny fracture in his growth plate in his ankle.  We'll find out if that's the case on Tuesday, but for now- gigantic leg cast.  (Also- for future reference, fiberglass casts scratch the crap out of your floors.  Boo)

So there you have it- I'm knitting- there's progress, just not a lot of photographic evidence.  Happy Easter everyone!

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Debbie1085 said...

Poor Parker! It's no fun being in cast and I hope he is doing great. Cover the bottom of the cast with a soft fur or something to prevent your hardwood floors... Love the blanket you are working on!