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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Houston, We Have A Problem...

Progress on the circular blanket was going swimingly.  And, while knitting a 600 stitch row is the PITS and takes forever, it's an easy pattern and really I couldn't complain.  Yesterday I sat down and looked at where I was and decided I needed one more pattern repeat before I put in the border.

(Again I apologize because you can't tell progress here but WHOO BOY is there progress.)

I also, when deciding to do another repeat (1 less than the pattern calls for), determined that I would need to buy 2 more balls of yarn.  I bought this yarn fairly recently in March, shortly after I got home from Vogue Knitting in Seattle.  I bought it from the yarn shop mere short blocks from my house.  When I bought this yarn I specifically paid attention to the dye lot because I said to myself "if I need to buy more, I need to be sure there will be enough".  I bought an entire bag, and ensured there was about 5 or 6 balls of the same dye lot on the shelf.  I didn't think there would be a mad rush on the stuff.  I tell you about all of this trouble I went to, to give myself a buffer, because I went back to buy 2 more balls today and THE COLOR IS SOLD OUT.

I repeat.  THERE IS NO COLOR (never mind dye lots) LEFT.

This. Is. So. Bad.

Baby is due on May 15.  I really want to finish this project before the baby comes out. (For a friend, in case that sentence isn't clear...)  And so- I am humbly begging any of my CALGARY area readers (and hell- ANY OF MY READERS WHO LIVE IN A TOWN WITH A LOCAL YARN SHOP) help me get 2 more balls of this yarn!!!  In fact- to further incentivize you.... whomever helps me locate this yarn (preferably in the same dye-lot) I will knit you a pair of fancy pants mittens this summer.  You can pick the pattern/colors or leave any of those decisions to me.  Just help me finish this project.

Here is a pic of the ball band- GO FORTH AND HELP ME FIND IT.


(No need to check Pudding yarns, they are sadly sold out!)

I'm trying to stay positive that I can locate 2 more balls of this stuff- and look for a silver lining.  Silver lining is that I can no longer put off the mystery project for Stampede and I'm planning to cast it on this afternoon.  (yay- vague pictures coming!)  The thumb still isn't finalized completely, but I figured I'd start on the cuff since it usually acts like a guage swatch anyways and starting isn't a bad thing.

I do plan on searching Ravelry stashes (and god I know how some people hate that, but desperate times call for desperate measures) and seeing if any online retailers have the dye lot.  But if you find yourself in a yarn shop sometime in the next few days can you stop and check this for me?

I'm going to try and not freak out over this.  Really.  I am going to do it.  But I cannot promise I will succeed.

My delightful MiL immediately sprung into action and sent me a link to the Jimmy Beans Wool website that did carry the color.  A quick email inquiry (that was answered QUITE PROMPTLY, might I add), and they have the dye lot!!!  I. AM. SAVED!  I'm still on hold until the delivery shows up- I ordered  3 balls just to be safe.  I AM SO RELIEVED!

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