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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Glamorous Mystery Part 1

It's glamour photo time because I have FINALLY- FINALLY finished my projects and they are ready for me to take in to submit to Stampede today.  This post will be done in 2 stages because there's a lot to say, (specifically about the mittens) so come back tomorrow for reveal #2.

First off- the Sleepy Baby Blanket is finished.


Pattern: Lullabye Blanket (Ravelry Link) by Jennifer Lori
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Zara colorway 1396 (Off White)
Needles: US 6
Notes: The only thing I did differently than the pattern was drop the number of feather and fan repeats, because I didn't want it to be too enormous.  In this case, it was the right call- blanket measures 45 inches across.  Any bigger and I think it would be too big.


This blanket included a lot of firsts for me.  My first circular cast on took a few tries but I got the hang of it pretty quickly.  It's kind of amazing to me that you start with so few stitches and end with so many.  You start with 20, and end close to 700!!  I also wet blocked this blanket for the first time, at the suggestion of MiL, and I might be a wet block convert forever.  In the past I've pinned my projects to my specifications and soaked it through like crazy with a sprayer.  The relative ease of simply laying out my wet blanket and pinning it down was SO MUCH simpler, that I think I'm going to do it that way from now on!



This blanket is really lovely.  I'm so pleased with the way it looks and I hope that I will eventually find a loving home for it.  (My friend agreed that the blue and white mosaic blanket suited her little man more and was happy to have it.)

I especially love the lightly scalloped edges on the outside, just such a simple effect but just finished this off so beautifully for me.


Also- this yarn?  This yarn is pure AWESOME to knit with.  It has that delightful spongy quality that jumps around the needles.  Life is too short to knit with crappy yarn, and I'm so happy I just said "screw up" and ponied up on the price.

I'm really, REALLY happy with the way this finished up.  It's relatively simple to knit, but took some endurance.  More and more I'm realizing I'm mostly happy with simpler projects, they finish so beautifully you just sit back and go "YEAH- I AM good!"

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Mystery reveal!

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