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Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer of Simple

This will be just a short blog post today because I've kept the knitting really REALLY simple this summer.  It's a really nice change from the intensity and stress of my Stampede projects, so it's really a much needed change of pace.

I knit another hat for the collection, bringing the total to 14 hats.


At this point I'm fairly certain I've got more than 18 hats in this ball.  This is what is left for the yarn after 14 hats.  Any guesses as to how many hats it has left in it?


Because I'm weird and I like rules- I've decided that there must be two identical hats in the collection.  So, I've been trying to make sure each hat has a match.  This hat was supposed to be a match to the double moss stitch hat I knit, but it actually ended up being the wrong stitch pattern.  (I worked from memory, apparently wrong.)  Oh well- now I've got another one to make plus another double moss one!  (At least there's enough yarn.)

Also moving along rather simply and beautifully on my pink scrappy blanket and whittling away at the scrap pile.


This is just so easy (besides the ends to weave in)- and it's fun to see the color progressions.  It's a 2 row pattern I'm not bored, I'm just really curious to see how it's going to look when it's all finished!

So far my "summer of simple" is going beautifully and I'm definately in a relaxed knitted state!

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