It has been since I last bought yarn!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Warm Distractions

OH yeah...HI!  I was so busy enjoying the nicest summer I can ever remember that I forgot about the blog.  The weather this summer has been dry and hot and just lovely.  With weather like this it's really hard to stay inside and sit still.  (And knit)


There is some knitting that has occurred, BUT, it's at a much slower pace than I had originally planned.

The blanket is moving along and looking quite lovely.


I think that I've decided to do 3 more sections after this, there should be enough yarn.  It feels really good to get through the scraps and whittle away at the leftover pile.

Also seeing some progress, the second sock in the Maui socks!  A 5 hour (childless) flight to Cabos meant that I had a lot of knitting time to take advantage of!

It's nice to get something done on this vacation other than just burning to a crisp!  I'm hoping that I can finish these projects up by the end of this month so I can begin our fall with something a little more "fall-ish".  I'm thinking sweater .....

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