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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Sock Well Travelled

I never intended for my plain "Vanilla Bean" socks that I started back in January to be a "travelling sock".  I just wanted an easy peasy project that I could work on but also pick up and put down simply.  But, as I wove in the ends to the second sock on the airplane, back from another trip, I realized that this sock has been there through it all on our rather aggressive travel schedule this year.  (And it goes to show you that I'm a terrible vacation knitter!)

This sock saw the shores of Maui in January...


Experienced Vogue Knitting in Seattle in March....

Came with me to San Francisco in April...


Kept me company in Vancouver in May...

Saw another fews rows in Saskatoon in June...

(It rained almost the entire time we were there... just imagine rainy-ness and stir crazy toddlers....)

Saw me through the great "wearing the same dress as the Mother of the Bride" calamity in Vail in July....


Got a bit of attention in Los Cabos and San Diego in August...

Started to look like it would end in Banff and Pheonix in September...

And FINALLY finished on the way back from Montreal in October...


GOOD LORD... it's amazing this sock isn't also collecting Aeroplan points!  No wonder I haven't knit much this year, I've hardly been home!  It really does go to show just how little knitting I tend to get done when we travel, as this was a very simple project and it took me TEN MONTHS to finish!

SHOW US THE SOCKS ALREADY..... oh yeah... the socks.



Pattern: Vanilla Bean Striped Sock by Emily O'Grady
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in "Splash" (sidebar: I CAN'T believe Knitpicks discontinued this yarn!  Although on the other hand, I'm relieved because I could never say no to this stuff!)
Needles: US 0 (2 mm)
Notes: What a great GREAT pattern for striping socks.  It's still very very simple but you have to try and line up your slip stitches, it's the only time you need to pay any attention.  Quite frankly it was a welcome change from the standard sock pattern!  You will likely see these again!  Also, as usual, my anal rententiveness shined through and I cut the yarn at the hell to line up the stripes.  It's a pain to actually weave in the extra ends but I NEVER regret that decision.



That's all the travel we've planned for this year so hopefully it means I can finally sit down focus, blog more, KNIT MORE.... you know, the usual promises absentee bloggers seem to make.

There's more to say about the mittens but I'll save that for another, less picture heavy post.  I'm still sort of in this "OMG - OVERWHELMED" phase where I'm not sure what to focus on and knit.  I'm not sure why I can't get over it, but the travel hasn't really helped me focus either.  Hopefully things are going to amp up now that I'm home, and going to be so for awhile.  :-)

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