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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year, New Distractions

I had hoped that my first post in the New Year would be to show you a completed pair of those snuggly socks.  Alas- I have nothing to show you except basically where we were the last time I was here telling you I hoped to finish them shortly.


I'm seeing my friend on the 26th and I am DETERMINED that they will be gifted to her on that day- so I need to get these done- hopefully I will carve out a little time this weekend to add some stitches and next week it will be THE priority.

Distracting me this week is a little crisis on the kitty front.  My little black kitten shadow started limping Wednesday morning.  I'm not entirely sure how he even hurt his foot, but when I couldn't get him into my regular vet, I had to take him to vet emerge.  (Parker will now have to go to a lesser college because we spent his college fund on Shadow at the vet.)  A shaved paw and some xrays later they think that he sprained a toe and ordered him to a week (minimum) kennel rest.  I'm not sure what's sadder at this point- a kitten with a limp or a kitten ordered to stay in a kennel and not play.

Thankfully my mother lent me her dog kennel so Shadow can have a larger place to stretch and convalesce - but he is not happy.  It's also a bit of a pain because we need to stay somewhat close to home to make sure Shadow has access to his litter box fairly regularly.  We have managed to avoid accidents thus far and even have found ways to entertain him.


Here, Shadow is watching his favorite YouTube show- called "Party at the Snow Hole" where various birds and squirrels come to visit and eat nuts.  He loves to keep a close eye on the birds and every so often tries to give them a swat.

We even downloaded an App for him to play (low impact exercise is ok)- and here's a short video of my little guys chasing a mouse.  (Must keep them keen on finding and killing mice!)


As of this post, Shadow is still limping, which is a bit of a concern.  If you think of it can you send him a little "get well" mojo?  I'd prefer it if we could keep away from the vet for a bit (gah so many vet visits!)-  and just have my happy, healthy and playful kittens back.

I've also had to set the socks aside because I wanted to take 2 hats to take with me this upcoming weekend for friends that are both expecting their second little ones.  I opted out of booties for both of them because I just don't have the time.  I had some leftover white yarn and thought Polar bear hats would be cute.  (The bows are because my friend just found out she's having a girl.)


Once I get back from my girls weekend this weekend (so excited!) I'll be able to refocus and get back to finishing those socks and focusing on the 2 baby blankets I need to knit.  (That's another post for another day...)  Hoping to get into a big swing of things here soon!

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Anonymous said...

Love the mouse app. May I ask the name of the app, please?

I also Love Love the baby hats. Pattern name, please! ;-)