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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Closing Out the Year

It's the last day of 2015 and I need to finish out the year on blog posts.  As I mentioned in my last post, I didn't get around to discussing the Christmas gifts this year.


I got the 3rd edition to Barbara Walker's Charted knitted treasury.  (All I need is #1 now!)  There's a great mosaic in there that I might use for the twin blankets I have to make in the new year.  I also got a much beloved Pudding Yarn gift card.  Pudding is far and away my favorite yarn shop in town and I always ALWAYS find a way to use these.  (Keep 'em comin' family!!)  I showed a lot of restraint this year when it came to the Pudding sale, and walked away EMPTY handed.  I still love and appreciate a good yarn sale, but I'm a lot more discerning now about what I actually buy on sale.


I also got a fancy pencil crayon set and markers to expand my "coloring ability" and I've already opened them up and started trying them out.  (I love the way that it lays down the color and the pigment is really rich!)  It's likely something you'll see more of in the new year.  I really quite enjoy the adult coloring so I'm glad that I got some new materials to work with.

Not to worry- there are has been some knitting too.  You'll notice that on my "to do" list, that I had hoped to finish by the end of January there is still one item outstanding.  I need to make a nice pair of comfy, reading socks in soft worsted yarn.  While I'm disappointed that I'm not going to say "finito" to these on Jan 1, I am close and should hopefully finish them up in the first week.  So, not too far off the schedule.


These are a nice change from my regular knitting.  The yarn is incredibly soft (llama and silk!), it's worsted so it knits up quickly and I'm doing toe up- which is a nice change in pace.  The above photo is what I knit in a day, (mind you my child was at grandma's so I had more time than usual), and so I'm hopeful that I can have them out the door early on.


I've also started in on more baby hats and booties, since I have a lot of them to hand out in the new year.  The first two need to go to mom's the second week of January so I really need to sit down and grind out some booties!

I've found that I don't really like to set a full year's worth of resolutions because it's hard to stay committed to something a year from now- but I do like "short term" goals that I'd like to reach.  And so, in the short term, I'd like to have the following completed by the end of March this year:

1) 5 Baby Hats and Bootie Sets
2) 2 Baby Blankets
3) Make some progress on the sweater that I started and abandoned for Christmas knitting.

Hoping you are feeling as blessed as I do in 2016.  Happy New Year! (Just look at all the handsome boys I'm surrounded by EVERY DAY.)


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