It has been since I last bought yarn!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

February Facts

FACT: if you make a point of knitting at every moment you possibly can, you see results faster.  WHO KNEW?

Something so glaringly obvious has been working in my favor this last week and the blanket is nearing it's completion, currently at 32.5 inches.


I'm going to do one more repeat of 24 rows (that require approximately 3 hours give or take), and then measure again before I cast off.  I'd like to have the blanket around the 36-37 inches mark.  


FACT: if your kid is Lego OBSESSED and you give him a kit to work on... you can squeeze in hour or so of knitting.



FACT: I'm sort of surprised with just how quickly this blanket is knitting up.  (I'm also extremely greatful.)

Looking ahead... the goal by the end of the weekend is:

a) Blanket 1 cast off
b) Blanket 2 cast on
c) get my charity obligation out the door (I'm woefully behind on that and I feel so guilty!)

Can't talk... must. keep. knitting.

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