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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Progress Report

True to my word, I met last week's goals and I'm proud of myself because I'm actually making decent progress on this plan.

Blanket #1 is off the needles, ends need to be woven in and blanket still needs to be blocked- but it's done.  And that feels good.


Blanket #2 is on the needles and moving at a decent clip.  I'm pleased that this pattern knits so fastly!  (Good choice me!)


When you put the two blankets together you can really see the difference.  I hope my cousin likes this and thinks it's neat... because I'm quite pleased with myself.


AND- I finally got off my butt and got my charity blanket section out the door.  Do I love it?  No.  But I couldn't just let it sit in the corner anymore.  I try to get those blankets out the door FAST and it was driving me nuts that I hadn't accomplished that yet.

Untitled Untitled

Good thing it's done because I just received word I'm getting another.  I have stepped back considerably my charity involvement this year, allowing myself the time to work on my own stuff- but I'm hoping to pick that back up again later in the year.  I do have yarn for hats- which will get knit (eventually), but I've decided not to sweat it until the summer when I'm more focused on small, simple projects.

Since short term goal setting has been working well for me so I'll keep setting out my intentions.  I'd like to get to the half way point on blanket #2 by next Wed.  In that time I'd also like to knit the final baby hat for a pregnant preschool mom so I can get that obligation out the door too.

February has proven a fruitful month, and I'm hoping the pattern continues!  Back to knitting!

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