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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May Project Slay

Oh MAN- the progress train continues it's steady path towards a finish line!  The lovely thing about working on two projects at a time is that you can "switch up" when things start to feel a little less interesting.  It has the added bonus of keeping things interesting and avoiding that "meh" feeling you get when you've been working on something for a while.

The mittens are moving along beautifully...


My concerns about the hand being too long were unfounded and in general I'm quite pleased with these.  NOTE TO SELF... US 3 knits up a nice mitten size and you don't run into that "it might be too small" or "I need to block the ever loving s$@*! out of this" thoughts.  I'm hoping to get this off the needles by Friday.  And then- THUMBS.  Oh god do I hate knitting thumbs.

Mittens are addicting- and I'm already thinking I might cast on another pair once these are done. It will give me another project to work on to keep it interesting when I need a break on the blanket. Parker will have several teachers in his class next year and getting a jump on that NOW isn't the worst idea....

Thankfully I have the blanket to move along to as well.  I'm loving this Morse pattern!  (Pattern is HERE (click link).  I highly recommend trying it out.  It's simple and easy and the proceeds of the pattern go to a really good cause- so I'm not telling you how it's done.  You need to buy it and help out her cause!)  I'm already 10 inches into this and I'm quite enjoying the knit.  It's relatively easy and it looks sharp!


I was apprehensive about the yarn, as the reviews were mixed on Ravelry.  Many argued the yarn pilled and split and had knots, but so far I've been quite satisfied with it.  It is incredibly soft and, so far, a pleasure to work with.  I'm glad I took the risk, I have not been disappointed.  If it holds up at the finish line I would consider it again for another blanket- it's that nice to knit with.  (I'm guessing it's the teeny bit of cashmere in in that makes it so delightful.)


So far progress in May has been moving at a great clip.  Likely when I get to the border area on the Morse blanket it's going to go considerably more slow- the morse stitch is right up against each other and it won't be as quick to knit that part.  BUT- it will look nice and I'll hopefully have something else to help keep it from getting monotonous.

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