It has been since I last bought yarn!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Getting It Done

After last week's epic "HOLY CRAP MUST KNIT FASTER" panic attack... I did just that.  I knit fast.  And, the faster I knit, the more it became clear that I was going to run out of yarn.  At first I told myself I was just giving into the fear, and that I really did have enough... but the longer I worked on the border the more I realized I was, in fact, actually right and I needed more yarn.

I didn't panic.  I didn't buy that yarn all that long ago, so I mosied over to the yarn shop to buy another ball.  I distinctly remember having the conversation in the shop when I bought the yarn that there was enough yarn balls on the shelf if I needed another one I could pop in.  I even bought a "safety skein" to have in case I ran out.  Surely no one would buy the remaining yarn in the colorway in the month I was going to knit my project!!!  

So of course, my triumphant return turned sour when I rolled into the store and lo and behold... the colorway was gone.  The store owner kindly offered to reorder the colorway but we both knew the chances of getting a similar dye-lot was nil.  I thanked her, but I knew I was going to have to call around and see if someone else had the colorway in the same dyelot.

Long story short- no one in the city had it.  I started to look around online and that's when MiL suggested I look at "Passionknit" in Toronto as they a) sold things in CDN prices (yay!!!) and b) shipped to Calgary (also yay!!!).  Sure enough, a quick phone call and some OUTSTANDING customer service later... they confirmed the colorway and dyelot and we had it being shipped out to me on Monday.  (I ordered 2 balls even though I didn't think I need 2, just 1.  I just didn't want to run into the problem again.)  It's not here yet but that's okay because I knit to where I could.


... which is apparently 3 borders.  The long borders nearly took an entire skein so I'm stopping here until the yarn shows up.  I'll be honest.  Just looking at the cast off on the side I can see I've pulled it too tightly (hmmm... stressed out much?) so I'm going to have to pull it out (ugh) and do it again more loosely.  (gross- I hate doing that)  But I'm at peace with this, mostly because I've gone as far as I can and I have to wait for the yarn to show up... which will be hopefully soon.  This will need another blocking but it's looking pretty good so I'll take comfort in that.

Waiting on the yarn also means getting to work on my other project without guilt!  So... the mitten has seen a little progress.  


I'd sort of like to submit these to Stampede this year, but it would mean making a lot of progress by June 15.  SO... I'll make the call on June 15.  (I have to register by June 23 and submit by June 29... so June 15 gives me a decent idea if I can meet the deadline or not.)

I will admit my brain is already craving a break... just fun indulgent projects that have no timeline- but that seems to be a familiar June story for me.  I know the end is reasonably near on this stuff... I just need to put my head down and grind out the projects and we'll be done in no time.

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Anonymous said...

June 15 is coming quickly! I better get knitting! MiL