It has been since I last bought yarn!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


April... where did you go?  How did I only manage one post in April?  How is it May already?  I guess with various holidays and reintigrating back to snow and 4 hour time difference to contend with, not to mention the start of soccer and various other spring things- knitting and blogging takes a back seat.  I am still sort of flabbergasted that April happened in a cloud of mystery.  It's like "How did I lose a month?" but it's May now so I guess we drive on.

I lied when I said that ski season was coming to a close.  Snow in the mountains was too stellar to ignore- and so this last weekend we gave it our all and left it all on the hill until next season...  Knitting suffers on these trips because really, there is basically only energy enough left to put on one's pajamas, wash one's face and then collapse into bed out of exhaustion.


There is progress on the socks- so I guess some knitting happened in April.  (Did April even happen?  I'm in denial.)

Maudie in particular is starting to look like a sock....


And even Take 5 isn't taking a long break...


I know at some point I need to plan for another project, a baby blanket in particular but I've been struggling to really find the motivation or "right pattern" that inspires me to cast on.  I'm hoping for a more "organic" experience where the right pattern will just jump out at me and I will cast on with ferocity.  But right now I look at pics and can only hmmm and haaa and I'm really coming up short!  So- a cute baby blanket...  (something really REALLY PAINFULLY CUTE).... got any suggestions?

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