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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Diet is OFF

I've kinda have been on a yarn diet. The stash she is a growin'... and since about Februrary I've been trying to exercise a little restraint. I know what you're thinking... "you blog started in March and since then I've seen stash enhancement photos", and yes, you're right on that front. But that was MUST HAVE YARN.... (and according to all knitters, sock yarn does not count anyways), so in a way I have still been on a yarn diet. (It's like a yarn diet on chocolate, I can still eat everything else, just not chocoloate, and there's a late night moment, when no one is looking that I'm still sneaking that too.)

However with my impending move back to Calgary, (oh- did I tell you I was moving to Canada?), and the news from Canadian knitters being slightly disturbing (BARELY ANY KOIGU THERE... AT ALL!!!!), there's something bubbling up in me, I can feel it.

My mother in law is in town as of this evening. Technically she's here for the husband's graduation from Yale MBA school, (TECHNICALLY), but I really think she's here for the yarn store tour of her dreams. I've been bragging a lot about the yarn shops in Connecticut. I also may have bragged about the shops in New York. The plan... is to show here a select sampling, (like wine tasting for the yarn fiend) and watch her struggle to not buy! Buy! BUY!

First off is School Products in NYC, where I'm going to watch her try and not buy the cashmere at such low prices that it makes me giggle every time I go in that store. Then off to Purl Soho, where I will watch her (and may horde myself) try not and buy every colorway of Koigu that they have. (And oh my god do they have Koigu!) The Connecticut hi-lights include; the Yarn Barn, where I have yet to leave empty handed and the Yarn Garden (they of the legendary 40% off ALL YARNS IN STORE sale), where I have been known to use two credit cards so that the husband won't immediately see just how much I bought. And then, on her second to last day here, the MOTHER of all yarn shops, the MECCA to knitters- WEBS, where we will not only be enjoying the always delightful Harlot, but I'm certain that we will become overcome by "yarn fumes" in their massive warehouse and where I'm convinced that I'll be moved to tears in it's awesome beauty.

What kills me is that these are only a few of the awesome places that surround me- there are so many other great little shops within 20 minutes of me and in NYC that I would love to take her to all of them... but time and budget only allows me to hi-light the few, the proud, the glorious, but I feel like a major binge is fast approaching. I feel like I might buy. I feel like I'm ready. I feel like the stash which has now expanded to TWO large boxes, may have a third in it's future. I'm feeling that compulsion to store up yarn for my move to Canada, (despite that fact that Calgary has WONDERFUL, reasonably priced yarn shops on it's own!).

I blame all of this compusive neediness on Koigu. I wonder if you can sue for yarn addiction?

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