It has been since I last bought yarn!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

In true knitterly fashion, (meaning knitters are natural born procrastinators), this Mother's day gift is right down to the wire. Yes folks, it's time for the super top secret project reveal- mom's gift!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I hope you like it!

Pattern: Debbie Bliss Capped Sleeve Top
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in colorway 27009
Needles: US 3 and US 4

I've been working on this top since the beginning of my much needed blanket break - unfortunately my little bout with the flu slowed my progress, but thankfully, just in time, I finished this top so I can present it to my mother fully.

Mom, this yarn is pure silk- and a color I know you'll love. It's unbelievably soft and I really, REALLY hope it fits you. (Thankfully silk has a lot of give and you can stretch it out a bit if need be.) I bought this yarn a looooooong time ago with the intention to knit something for you- but never seemed to have the time and couldn't find the right pattern to make you something you'd love. When it came time to take my blanket break, this project inspired me to do something a little different for Mother's day this year.

This garmet was created with love for you--- and I hope that when you receive it will reflect to you how much I do care. But on top of knitting this yarn- this project has a wonderful story that embodies your spirit. I didn't have enough yarn to make this up. I found a woman on Ravelry who has the exact same color and had labeled her yarn "for sale". I sent her an email asking if she'd be willing to ship to Canada and how much she'd like for her yarn. Not only was she willing- she was very kind and giving. (A lot like you.) She offerred to give me the yarn that I needed - at no charge. I'm not going to tell you how much an individual skein of this costs, but bare in mind it's silk and "up there" as skeins of yarn go. This kind soul sent me FOUR skeins of this yarn and all she asked in return was that I post a picture of what I made when I was all done. So this project was as much of a gift to me as it was to you. (I didn't ask permission to post her blog link here- but if you'd like I'll send it to you by email if you'd like.) Her yarn arrived on EXACTLY the day that I ran out- perfect timing!

Happy Mother's day mom! I hope you like it. I love you. Thanks for being my mom.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the sweater!!! It's perfect and I can't wait to wear it! I will treasure it always!! But most of all I love the beautiful person who made it!!! Jen, you are a wonderful daughter and I'm proud to be your Mom!!! Thanks for this thoughtful, personal gift from your heart to mine! I love you! Mom xoxo

Phyllis said...

You did it!!! It is beautiful and you did a geat job.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I have been a faithful reader of your blog for some time. I think your pictures are absolutely neato! However, I must admit that I find your counter timing the days since you've bought yarn to be something of a work of fiction. Yes, I realize this outs me as your stalker, but I know for a fact that you bought yarn only 63 days ago, not 95 days, as you claim. Given your clear web-counter-fraud, i can only assume that your other counters, such as the project counters, are inflated as well...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the anonymous "counter" person should know that acrylic baby yarn does not count in stash and therefore does not count as a yarn purchase! Only yarns of wool or wool combos count in stash! MIL

auntyk said...

Hi Jen! I LOVE the sweater and I'm sitting here all teary eyed reading your story. You and your Mom have the kind of relationship I have with my Mom. (I can tell) You don't know how good that makes me feel!!
Thanks for posting it and thanks for being the kind of quality, giving person you are.
Happy Knitting!