It has been since I last bought yarn!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On Vacation

Today is the start of my much needed vacation. It's only sort of a vacation given that tomorrow begins "wedding madness" that will take place for the next couple of days as we prepare to attend a buddy's wedding. (PS... anyone know a good yarn shop in or around Easton Maryland?)

That being said- knitting progress has been going swimmingly. Viola, I give you the Runk blanket half way finished.

Since the blanket requires a lot of yarn and it takes up a bunch of space, it's not a "holiday project", too much to drag around. And so- in the interest of keeping my sanity and enjoying a bit of my holiday, I cast on a new project. Nancy's Bush's New England socks!

It requires more attention than most socks, (hello big chart!), but I think it's the right thing to keep me interested and motivated. Plus- it's fun to cast on something new and exciting. It feels good to work on something I WANT to work on again.

And so with this little short note- I'm out for a while. Be back soon, hopefully with a sock to show for it!

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