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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New England Knitting Tragedy

On a list of things that knitters do NOT want to see before a four hour flight, this tragedy ranks highly:

For those who are trying to figure out the tragedy in this picture, that is a broken DPN, occuring mere moments before the beginning of my flight. I had no extra needles with me - words my mother will swear she never taught me may have been uttered.

Thankfully, despite this setback, I managed to continue knitting a decent pace on the plane, even if it meant knitting with a two small knitting needle and trying to make compromises where possible to accomodate such a small needle.

In fact great progress was made.... (look at that progress... so far!)

... except I don't like the heel... like at all. Love the pattern. HATE the heel. (pictured below)

I have turned into one of those knitters, where I decide, mostly when it's too late, that I simply cannot live with the imperfection that offends me, and I will rip hours of work back just to have a product that I will be able to accept. And so, with that in mind, I ripped back to the Heel flap and will knit the heel turn again- to hopefully much more acceptable standards. Goodbye five hours of diligent hard work for nothing- we hardly knew ye!

On top of knitting, blog readers will be happy to know that I did NOT fall off the yarn diet wagon and managed to resist the call. (Okay maybe not blog readers, maybe my husband is really more happy to note this than anyone!) Sadly there was no time to hit any of the awesome shops that New York had to offer- however I did still have to resist temptation. You know how I mentioned in my last post if anyone knew where the yarn shops were in Easton Maryland? I needn't have bothered asking - what was the first thing I noticed as we parked accross the street from our hotel?? WE PARKED RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE YARN STORE. I practically squealed with joy when I discovered this. (My apologies to the all male passengers in the car who did not comprehend such excitement over yarn.)

Of course I checked it out the very next day- how could I not?! I suppose it's good that the store didn't have much of what I tend to impulse buy, (*cough* hand dyed sock yarn *cough*), and so I left with nothing. (Although I did fondle a lot of interesting wools... I'm just not in a "big wool sweater" mood when the sun is shining and I'm in shorts and a tank top.) But all the same, I couldn't believe my luck - great hotel choice honey!!

Catching up with friends on my holiday I was excited, (okay and dismayed for obvious reasons in a minute), to find out that TWO of my good friends from New Haven are expecting babies, one in September and one in October. I don't suppose I have to tell you what this means.... YAY MORE WHINING ABOUT BABY BLANKETS!!! I'm thinking about changing the blog's tag line from "I knit. Therefore I Am" to "I knit baby blankets because I like pain". Seriously people- eat some chocolate or get a really stressful job or something, we need to slow down the pro-creating!

With that in mind, I'm off to knit the Runk Blanket because suddenly having it halfway done doesn't feel as timely as it once did!

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Anonymous said...

You'll never get out of "baby blanket purgatory"!