It has been since I last bought yarn!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anxiety Attack

I am at MAXIMUM anxiety levels right now. In fact if I inserted a fancy little graph to show you my anxiety out of 100- it would be off the charts.

I'm knitting the New England socks, sock#2. I've got a pattern and a half of the repeat as well as the toe to complete and I just don't know if I'll run out of yarn or not. There are moments when I think to myself that it will be fine and then there are moments where I'm nearly breathless in fear that I won't have enough and THEN WHAT? I could order another skein of the yarn from the infamous Loopy Ewe - but it kind of defeats the purpose of stash busting (and creating room in the stash to justify further Loopy purchases) as well as running the risk of a mismatched dyelot. (Alternatively all would not be lost as I do have other pattern ideas for the extra yarn.)

And so I knit on, trembling in fear of what might be. Running out of yarn would be bad.... very bad.

We shall have our verdict soon- cross your fingers!

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