It has been since I last bought yarn!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Breathing Again...

Well... there's one sock! Think I had enough for #2?

I did! Thank God I did!!!!! Both socks are stunning and while I had a near heart attack knitting the last one, worrying with every stitch that I was going to run out of yarn, I didn't- even had a little teeny bit left over!! The pictures of the socks here pay homage to the pattern name- I'm standing on a map of Connecticut! This is one of those patterns you knit to impress the heck out of your friends-- it's a lot less complicated than it looks. (And it looks so pretty!!!)

Pattern: "New England Socks" by Nancy Bush from "Knitting on the Road"

Yarn: Cherry Tree Supersock in "Natural"

Needles: US 0

(Do socks ever look bad on Sock blockers?) With the New England socks off the needles and my heart returning to normal palpatations, I also squeezed out a few more projects this week - behold... HATS O PLENTY! (I'm almost caught back up to the goal again!)

With the socks done I can turn my focus on to more interesting pursuits- like the pretty pink Powder sweater that's been sitting in my Ravelry que for quite some time. I'm not loving the yarn so far- and it sadly won't knit to gauge so this sweater is going to require a little "gauge math" to ensure a pretty finished product. Cross your fingers for me that I'll be pleased with the results! Below is the waist band completed (and blocked!) as well as the gauge swatch.

And that, ladies and gentleman, was my very productive week! It's amazing what you can get done when you assume breathing normally again!


Anonymous said...

Socks look great.

Sucks when you don't love the yarn. Been there doing that. Color is beautiful.


Melissa Van Oort said...

Thanks for the info on yardage issues with Cherry Tree Supersock and the New England sock, I've been wanting to use this yarn for these socks but wasn't sure I'd have enough as I only have one skein. Your socks look fantastic, I feel better about starting them with this yarn.