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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going for Gold

When I was a little girl I had one dream: to win a gold medal for Canada. Now, my preferred way to do this was through figure skating, except that I lacked grace, skills, poise and the ability to be coordinated for longer than 2 minutes. With my Olympic dreams dashed and the truth painfully obvious that athletic and myself do not belong in the same sentence, I conceded my dream to win any medals for Canada at the Olympics.

Except my friends the winds have change have blown in my favor, and my Olympic dream is now being realized! I have answered the call from my country, and I will proudly be representing her in the “Ravelympics” in the “Sock Put” event.

(I am terribly proud of myself for creating this graphic with my crappy Photoshop skills!)

For those not in the know- I’ve been challenged to a somewhat daunting task. Knit a project, starting from the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics and see it to conclusion before the end of the closing ceremonies, 17 days later. I signed up for team Canada and chose from the numerous events my task, the “Sock Put”.

With the new yarn nestled in my stash, and the Marilinda socks reminding me that I have a goal to knit something from each retreat designer, choosing my task was simple. Long time readers of the blog may be wondering where the challenge is here, given that I’ve knit a pair of socks in less time and so, for interest’s sake, I shall spell it out here. Time to knit these socks is going to be few and far between, aside from being the most complicated pattern I’ve knit to date I will be away and busy during the Olypmic time, and knitting time will be sparse.

Can I do it? Will I proudly display my medal for all to see? Will Adonis Dionysis Bobicus Maximus

(who bears a striking resemblance to Ravelry mascot “Bob”) present me my gold? Only time will tell.

Behold... my accessory of choice, the newly acquired "Dream in Color Smooshy" in Midnight Derby. They shall be gold winning socks!

Stay tuned to the blog for your Ravelympic updates!


Anne said...

I'm very glad you decided to knit something from every retreat designer as well! I've got Stephanie Japel and the Yarn Harlot left to go! Once I finish my Potamus socks that is... What are you going to make from the Yarn Harlot? I was just thinking the Unoriginal hat.

Heather said...

Hee hee...I love your mad photoshopping skillz!!