It has been since I last bought yarn!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well- after the contractor essentially FORCED me to knit, I’ve been working on the sock pretty steadily. In fact, steadily enough that it’s now off the needles! Sadly I can’t show you a picture of it in it’s lovely blocked and complete and final state because that would require my finding my sock blockers which um, I can’t. You will see blocked state at some point- for now, you’ll have to settle for “scrunchy finished” state.

.Blue Socks

I have discovered that with all the chaos in my life- attempting to knit anything remotely complicated was futile. My brain would look at a cable sweater, or a lovely motif on a blanket and it would just implode. In fact- it would look a lot like this.

Guest Bedroom

This is my guest room. We have "oh so carefully" piled a bunch of stuff on the bed and the contractor covered it all plastic to protect it from dust. My stash is in this mess somewhere. I can’t even show you the bedroom, the only “functioning” room that we’re living out of, because it’s so messy, it’s the very definition of implode and rather shameful.

So with all of this chaos, my brain just can’t handle sweaters, or blankets, or anything that isn’t essentially stocking stitch. So, I switched it in different gear, squeezed past the junk, did a quick stash dive and pulled out the Felici self striping yarn. A mere 2 hours later I was fully engrossed into my self striping sock.

. Rainbow Progress

This is more my speed. This may help me regain my mojo during this time. (What is it with me and rainbows this year? It’s rainbow EVERYTHING on this blog lately!) I can’t help but love a self striping yarn, I find it highly addicting to see when the next stripe will come in and what the sock will look like. Here's what it looks like by Saturday night.


I had also intended to knit a baby hat for May, especially since I swiped some cute yarn from my MiL the last time I was there. BUT- that too turned out to be futile. It turns out that I did such a good job protecting my needles from dust/destruction that even I can’t find them. I’ve hunted under dust blankets and gone through various piles and keep coming up short. No “hat” needles to be found. Or “needles” in general. (How does one find anything in this mess?)

Office Mess

Thankfully, I did make it to the MiL’s this weekend and was able to borrow her needles and finally “crank” out a hat (and avoid the hat police who will come after me if I don't knit a hat for May).

May Hat

The good news is that the tile is done- and it looks fabulous.

New Tile

And while chaos is annoying, it’s been well worth it, as our renno is moving swiftly along. Paint begins on Thursday and countertops go in on Wednesday and hopefully, very soon, our lives will return to normal, the chaos will slow down, and I’ll get the mojo back to keep making stuff that looks cool. In the mean time- let’s all pretend that a plain stocking stitch sock is really, REALLY exciting.

*as before- forgive the iphone pics…. Camera is in a pile… somewhere.*


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I shouldn't have giggled, but I did. It's a very recognisable story. The floors look great though!!

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