It has been since I last bought yarn!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Turtles, Snails, Sloths, Molasses in January...

I think the title of this post adequately sums up my progress lately.

There are times when I can knit for hours uninterrupted. Days of sitting in my spot quietly knitting and churning out project after project. I am a knitting machine. It feels like those days are over for the moment. Life has once again gotten away of knitting time and I have never been so behind on things in my life! Apparently a part of being a "responsible, mature" adult (let's use those descriptors loosely, shall we?), means doing "responsible, mature" adult things and not just sitting around and letting my poor husband do all the work. Life is busy at our house these days.

There is progress- but it's so miniscule I am almost embarressed to show it off. Here is the sweater- about 5 inches longer than last you saw it.


Here is the sock- which is lucky if it sees an hour a week, instead of the hour a day I have vowed myself to.


I am hoping to cast off the toe tonight. But... that feels like an idle threat at this point.

I also have a charity blanket that needs a section knit for it (when!?) and I've only got a swatch for my Stampede blanket,


which may not happen for Stampede this year.

On the upside my rennovations, which have been sucking my time dry, will begin next week. Our new couches, as part of our "BUY GROWN UP FURNITURE" resolution for the new year, have arrived. I am hoping against hope that I will get to host a knitting night with the KnitWits this summer and show off my "new and improved" home. (Now with more seating!) Things are getting done around here- actually a LOT of things are getting done around her, sadly very little of it is knitting progress.

I'm still a Knitter. I still want to knit. I still carry needles and a sock in my purse on the off chance that there are a few spare minutes I can "whip out the sock" for. I read Ravelry everyday, stalk the Loopy Ewe frequently and swing by yarn shops. But right now- it's a slower progression for me than usual. Hang in there- I'm sure before you know it, I will be back to my "whip it off my needles in no time" stage again soon.


Anonymous said...

Gah, I hate that! Life needs to stop getting in the way of important things.

Still, those new couches will be super comfi to knit on ;)

Anonymous said...

Take the pressure off yourself. If you don't have an entry for Stampede this year its okay; it's also okay if it comes together easily and you do have an entry.

You're still a knitter and you want to keep your love of the art intact.

You have lots on your plate right now.
- Mil

Anonymous said...

Do yo need any painting done? And new couches sound nice! Knitting will come again when there is time. Summer is coming and I find I knit less......the weather is nicer, different things to do. And Knitwits???? What is this???

MerlPerp said...

I too have lost my knitting mojo. Sewing is just so much faster and more gratifying. And after what seems like an ETERNAL winter (where there was nothing better to do than to curl up and knit) I sorta want to be outdoors. Hang in there, it will all happen!