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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Good news- my house is in complete chaos! That means that rennos have started and we have finally, FINALLY, after years about talking about doing it, FINALLY have started our rennos at the house. Here is my kitchen in chaos.


My living room, where I do most of my knitting, is under plastic and unusable.

living room

Rennos are going well and we're impressed so far on the progress we've seen. We are living in our bedroom during this process. And when the guest bathroom and guest bedroom are back to functional status, we'll move in there while our bedroom and bath get finished up. I'll do a lovely post with before and after photos once this process is settled and you can see what we're up to.

The bad news is that the rennovation process sucks out your will to knit. (Mostly because it sucks out your will to be at home, so we're enjoying late dinners out and taking advantage of the movie theaters.) Big projects (like the blanket and sweater) are safely tucked away into bags, protected from the epic amount of dust and my motivation to pull them out is just not there.

Before we all start sending hate mail to my contractor (who is great!) about killing my desire to knit, you should think about thanking him. I came home to my front door looking like this on Friday. (This is international contractor language for "do not come in right now or you will mess things up!)


They had ripped the tile off the kitchen/foyer floor and had laid a new subfloor, but it was still wet and I wasn't able to get in yet. THANK GOD I HAD A SOCK IN MY PURSE. THANK GOD! My contractor, (or more accurately, his tile guy) essentially FORCED me to knit.

I turned around- heading to the coffee shop around the corner and settled in there with a tea and my sock and got in some quality sock time.


I was reminded how small and compact socks are, and how they aren't that hard to knit when your bed is acting as your bed/couch/sometimes kitchen table. So maybe during this process I'm going to let the sweater and the blanket wait. I might hit the stash up for sock yarn and enact the KISS mentality. (KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid) (Lest you be worried for the safety of the stash, we have it stowed away in a manner that protects it, but also allows me access to it if I need it. Not to worry, the Wollmeise is safe!)

I was able to get back into the house an hour later when we confirmed that it was in fact safe to walk on the floor. This instance is enough to scare me into always keeping my sock along with me. I have, up until recently been leaving my sock at home, and I cannot even bring myself to think about what that Friday would have been like had I NOT had knitting with me. *shudder* Believe me when I say, I will not be without something to knit ever again!

So bear with me. Progress sucks. That seems to be a 2011 theme. I'm sorry. But I'm hoping once this house is back in shape, I'll be so happy to spend time there that I won't want to leave... and well, knitting time and progress resumes it's regular scheduled programming.

(Please forgive the iphone pics- they're what I'm relying on right now while the camera is somewhere, in a pile of things being protected from dust.)

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Robin said...

Renos are hard to live through especially when you are confined to live in one room. . The condo will be great once you finish it. Soon you won't remember the dust.