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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can't Talk... Must Keep Knitting

As predicted, August is shaping up to be a month for finished things to show you. I have been a machine (yeah mojo return!)- trying my best to whip through and bust down as much stash as I can. Why? I have four other friends other than myself expecting babies this fall and early winter and I have it in my head that I can get blankets done for everyone. (Ambitious much?) But as this blog title suggest... less blather, more knitting.

This weekend I got the Welsh Blanket off the needles. I really wanted to be sure that I knit the right number of rows on the ends so that the border looked cohesive the whole way around. That's why I provisionally cast on, I wanted to be save the borders until the end. On Saturday morning I got the main section of the pattern done.
By Sunday, I cast off the project in a satisfying swoop. Yes... there is still work to be done on this.
The next few morning while I "patiently" wait for my husband I will forgo the dishcloth knitting and instead will be weaving in ends on this blanket. I decided to reward myself with the actual "being done with it" part and set it aside for the rest of the weekend. End weaving needs to happen and a good hard blocking process needs to occur.

Finishing that blanket also means that I could work more on "Moving Mountains" which is also creeping up to the finish line. Here it is at about 6 out of 10 balls in.
This thing knits FAST and I'm hoping to "crush it" when I visit my grandmother this next weekend.

But since Mountains is so portable, I decided that it was okay to go ahead and bust some stash and begin another project- the Baby Dots Blanket, which is going to be a whole let less portable.
Here's the initial swatching stage completed. Don't get attached to these colors, this is just some Bernat Softee I had lying around in order to perserve the white stash I do have. I won't give away what I'm doing until there's a good picture to show you but I think this one is going to be quite smashing.

So yes- quite the busy place around here knitting wise. Hopefully the knitting time keeps falling into my lap and I can keep up with my goal of having some finished stuff to show you this August.

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