It has been since I last bought yarn!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Setting Goals

Right. An update is owed.

I'd love to post an update on the states of "Moving Mountains" and "Welsh Blanket" but they would look pretty much the exact same from what they looked like last blog post. So, in the interest of time, just go to my last blog post here and refresh yourself with the state of things. (Progress is occurring, but nothing that would look different from last time.)

I did, however, cast on something new, to make up for the absence on my couch of the last "un-portable" blanket. (Welsh) I started a new "un-portable" blanket! Meet Baby Dots and OH is this one pretty!


SO pretty! But also? SO not able to travel. Check out this delightful yarn ball shmozzle of potential "yarn knot disaster".


I'm staring down a weekend where I'm hoping relaxation is the primary goal and I get to sneak in a whole bunch of knitting progress. Since setting a weekend goal was fairly successful last time when I did it, I give you my weekend goals for this weekend.

  1. Block the Welsh Blanket (Ends are woven in, I just need to take the final step to "glamour photo" this project for the blog. I can just imagine this blanket saying "I'm ready for my Close up Mr. DeMille".)

  2. Finish Moving Mountains and weave in all ends (I'm on ball 7/10 now)

  3. Knit a baby hat for August

  4. Swatch and cast on for next "portable blanket" project

If, and when, I accomplish these things I will allow myself to work on Baby Dots- which I am SO enamored with right now, I would knit it and only it. But, I can only work on this project if the list gets completed first. (That's knitting tough love right there.)

So- whaddya think? Think I can accomplish these goals? Place your votes below (poll closes on Sunday at midnight) and I'll try and update you as to where I got after the weekend!


Debbie1085 said...

The Baby Dot blanket is very very gorgeous and lovely. Can I assume it is for you! You do fantastic job knitting! Have you finished the baby dog sweater? Keep up the good work and meet the deadline! I am counting on ya!

Anonymous said...

You WILL get it all done. The cute blanket incentive will make sure you do :D