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Monday, August 22, 2011

Solid D+

Thanks to all who voted with confidence in me this weekend!! You're all so sweet to believe that I can achieve! That's why it pains me to tell you that I didn't achieve. In fact, I barely passed.

If you recall my goals were these:

1) Block the Welsh Blanket
2) Finish Moving Mountains and weave in all ends
3) Knit a baby hat for August
4) Swatch and cast on for next "portable blanket" project

At the end of the weekend here's where I ended up.

1) Block the Welsh Blanket : 0/1
Didn't happen. For one, I'm having second thoughts on blocking it- the ends might just ruffle despite blocking... but I feel like that's the lazy in me talking and not necessarily the practical side of me. I don't really enjoy the blocking process so I'm trying to come up with excuses to not do it. When I went to block something else today though I also discovered a problem. I have no idea where my bloody blocking pins are!! I have looked everywhere. TWICE. It appears a trip to a sewing shop is in my future.

2) Finish Moving Mountains and weave in all the ends: 1/2


Okay some progress here. The blanket is off the needles and it's completed. I used 9.5 balls of yarn so I'm satisfied with the stash down. This is a photo of the wrong side of the project and as you can see I failed to finish weaving in my ends. I'd like to get that done this week.

3) Knit a baby hat for August: 1/1


YEAH I accomplished a whole goal. August hat is donezo! (And if you're wondering "what's up with all the purple?" lately- I just have a lot leftover I want to use up and out of my stash.)

4) Swatch and cast on for next "portable blanket" project: 1/2


Swatch is done- but cast on is not. It became apparent last night while I was frantically knitting this swatch that it's going to need to be blocked before I can get an idea of what the measurements will be. I'm actually blocking that right now (with safety pins... I need to find those blocking needles!) and I'm glad I waited. The yarn grows. A lot. I need to let the swatch dry before I can adequately determine how many stitches I need to cast on to get a satisfactory sized blanket out of this pattern.

So there you have it. Three out of six things I had hoped to accomplish- or just barely a pass, a solid D+ showing. Contributing to my non-success was an exceptionally hot and beautiful weekend that I spent a few moments just basking in. It was officially too hot to knit outside. (At least blankets) I also spent the weekend girl bonding with my sister and the dogs- and well, sometimes you just need to put down the needles and give them a little attention too. I'm not too heavily disappointed that I couldn't get everything done I had set out to do- but I do feel the urgency to declare these two blankets finished- so hopefully will get them out of the way prior to the long weekend.

On the upside it appears that I have fixed the blog again- the poll was sized to large- throwing all my sidebar stuff to the bottom of the page. A little google search later and I was able to figure out what to do.

For those of you who have been asking- the blankets completed so far are not for my impending little one. Neither is baby dots... it's the wrong colors.... (there's a not so subtle hint for you on the sex of Jr.). I know at least 4 people having babies in and around the arrival of my own and I've told myself I can knit for all of them, including mine. This is probably exceptionally delusional of me- but we'll blame it on pregnancy hormones! (Whoo boy those have kicked in this week. Look out EVERYONE! I will either yell or cry at you- please ignore me.)

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