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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finishing Things is Hard Y'all

Last day of June- the sweater is still not done.  I added two rows to the neck and opted to 3 needle bind off the thing.  The ends on the seems are all woven in- I just need to sew in the neck and sew in the buttons... which have arrived.  I will get there people- I SWEAR.

Also arriving with the buttons was some yarn I ordered.  (oops)  I just can't resist the self striping yarn, especially from Knitpicks.  I also threw in some interesting white for a pair of socks I've been planning to knit, for, like, EVER.  Those will hopefully be on the needles soon.


The Kai Mai socks were moving along quite fabulously....


.... until I hit a snag.  No, not an error or something that I have to spend time fixing.  I was at the MiL's the other day and looking through her copy of "60 Quick Baby Knits" and was inspired.  I dropped everything I was working on and cast on this project.  


It's going to be a damn cute sheep hat- knit with the leftovers from Parker's blanket.  I can't explain what came over me, I was absolutely compelled to knit it.  I dropped everything, including my Hexi Thursday plans and knit this hat.  I made good progress too- in fact I've finished knitting all of the parts and woven in the respective ends but I just can't bring myself to spend the time seaming everything in.

WHY DO I HATE FINISHING THINGS!?  I'm so close.  Again.  And just can't get over the "finished hump".  What I really need is something who hates knitting the items but LOVES sewing things together.  We'd make a great team.  Hoping to get some finished things on this blog soon- but it is nice to feel like I have some freedom to pick up and knit these fun distractions.

For those of you taking in the Stampede next week you can see some of my knitting projects in person.  Both Baby Dots and the Nebula socks (back in the good old days when I finished things !!) are trying for a ribbon in the Western Showcase.  Wish me luck!

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Anne b. said...

That is a seriously cute hat, don't blame you! Good luck, we're going to rush over to see how you've done. Probably won everything I imagine!!!