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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm a Coward

So we've hit the preverbial "snag" in the seaming process of the Fireside sweater.  I was actually pretty pleased how nicely the sleeves set in to the sweater and was patting myself on the back quite profusely for leaving the stitches live to do the shoulder in 3 needle bind off because it looks so smartly done.  The sweater was moving along as it was supposed to.


Then it came time to begin seaming up the sides when the "snag" hit.  You see, I've only ever seamed up sweaters that have been knit in stocking stitch.  I have never seamed up sweaters done in reverse stocking stitch.  "Okay", I thought to myself, "this is just an opportunity to learn something new".  Except I'm really REALLY awful at learning new things... especially if there's no one there to show me.  I pulled out the Vogue Knitting book and looked at the picture and said "self you can do this".


Clearly I lied to this "self" person.  Quelle Horror!  This seam looks horrific.  (What also kills me is that I kept going despite seeing very early on that this was a DISASTER and needed to be pulled out.)

Instead of researching various videos that show me how to do this- I do what I tend to do when a particular item confounds me- I ignore it.  Or, I let it "marinate".  And so the sweater has been languishing in this "marinating" state while I pretend that I'm not kind of intimidated by seaming up reverse stocking stitch (and WHY IN THE HECK DIDN'T I JUST KNIT THIS IN ONE PIECE UNTIL THE SLEEVES!?) and I'm not sure when I'm going to have guts to try it.

The only minor upside here is that I'm happily in denial knitting on the simple ribbed sock and those will be done soon.


I'm not quite sure where to go from here.  It seems utterly stupid to get this far on a project and then cop out.  This sweater has been knit by 500 people on Ravelry and they have all managed to figure this out.  Why am I letting a little intimidation stop me?

It doesn't help that I'm also distracted by other socks- seeing as it is June and I had planned on allowing myself to begin "THE SUMMER OF SOCK KNITTING".  I've got the pattern and the yarn ready to dive into the next project- but I won't ENJOY it knowing that I have this sweater so close to finish waiting for me to, pardon the phrase, "grow a pair".

So- I need a glass of wine and knitting guru to guide me through this.  Know any guru's who have tackled this particular "Mount Everest" and if they have laid out a plainly written, with many photos and or videos to guide the exceptionally cowardice on this particular subject?

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Jocelyn said...

You can do it!! Jennie! Jennie! JennieJennieJennie!!!