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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sexy Hexi Thursdays

Those of you who get tired of "Ravelry bandwagons" (wherein it seems like everyone is making a certain project on Ravelry)  may want to look away because Mother in Law and I have embarked on a project.  Yes- we're making Hexipuffs for the Beekeeper's quilt with our leftover sock yarns.

We've agreed on a few modifications to the pattern; we will not be stuffing our little hexigons because while the "puff" is cute, it's maybe not super practical for storage.  We also went down a few needle sizes to get a more "firm" fabric.  We're going to need approximately 9 bajillion of these for our project- so there is no completion timeline... in fact 3 years from now I may still be knitting Hexi's.  BUT- in order to at least make some weekly progress I have designated Thursdays as "Sexy Hexi" day- and I will only knit with my leftover sock yarns.  Not to worry I have a lot of leftovers (and it's been fun to go back and revisit sock yarns that I enjoyed knitting) and quite frankly some full skeins of sock yarn that I may donate to the cause.


And one little leftover ball seems to produce quite a few little sections!  Leftover sock yarn from the Maelstrom socks.  This is only from one sock!  Seven Hexi's.... I will be getting a tonne out of my leftovers!


Lest you worry that this blog will become all "hexi" all the time, I am making some headway on other projects too.  Remember when I said I would seam the sweater?  I DID!  (OMG!) I downloaded the great Knitting Help app which helped me clean up my seams.

(Ooo so..... um.... seamy!)

The seam isn't entirely invisible, but it's neat and I suppose that's all I can ask for.

(I clearly missed my calling as a hand model... haha)

All that remains is grafting (*hiss*) the neck and seaming that together and the buttons... which are still in transit.  Grafting and I aren't especially friendly fellows... so I'm again, feeling a little gun shy on the project but I'm hoping to fortify myself with some courage and get this puppy done!  Nothing says START OF SUMMER quite like finishing a giant alpaca/wool sweater.  Haha.


And the Kai Mei socks are plugging along quite lovely.  This is one of those socks that will most certainly benefit from a little blocking- so use your imagination that these look pretty good!


Okay- need to get back to my Hexi's... until next week!

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