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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

All Thumbs...

... LEFT!


Today's blog entry will be brief because I'm on a roll!  (And hopefully by the end of this blog the baby will decide to nap instead of complain loudly about needing a nap.)

When I last posted, things were looking dire- the gauge swatch lied to me.  LIED and the mittens were knitting too tight and looking wonky.  I was seriously concerned about being able to finish.  A half size needle later and here we are- looking simply smashing.

The cast off on these is actually quite brilliant, but I couldn't make it look the way I wanted it to, so, instead, I kind of fudged the end, added four rows and am VERY pleased with how these cast off- thanks to a little thought on my part.  I will post my instructions for the changes on my Ravelry page once this project is done.

I will note that the left hand is a little tighter than the right- thanks to my tight knitting (am I stressed?)- but I'm hoping we can even that out in the blocking process.

To watch the day by day progress you can click here to see my daily iphone photo.  (Or you can click on the link on the sidebar ---->.)

I'd love to have these blocking by Friday!


*Yes, the baby just fell asleep while I was reading the preview of this.  It also just started to rain- PRAY there's no thunder in there to wake him up!!

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