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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Begin Again

So... it turns out that a catastrophic knitting error wasn't even the worst of my problems last week.  If it could go wrong last week, it did.  Spectacularly.  I won't bore you on the details- but OMG, last week you sucked.  Knitting was the least of my concerns and priorities and up until yesterday did I really finish tinking back the errors and bringing myself to square one again.  I really hope I never have to do that again.

I've been quietly, calmly thinking to myself, as I pick up where I had to rip back to, "begin again".


Sometimes knitting can be a real jerk.  (Kind of like life.)  Sometimes it can make you mad, make you cry, frustrate the hell out of you and make you want to throw things.  (Also, kind of like life.)  Even if you set aside your knitting, in order to calm down, the problem is still waiting for you, haunting your other projects, remaining unfinished.  (Kind of like life.)  It's not until you sit down, work out the problem (and yes, it's painful and sucks) and "begin again" can you really move on.  (Kind of like... I think you probably get the analogy at this point.)

It sucks to gain some perspective from a really crappy error that was really un-enjoyable to fix.  But here we are.  Sometimes you just have to begin again and know going forward that you're going to be okay and that no matter how crappy it was, it can only get better from starting again.  You're bound to make other mistakes, but going slowly, gaining your confidence is a good way to get back into the game and pretty soon you have something beautiful and finished that you can be really proud of.  It will be worth going through the crap along the way.

I know it's weird to parelell knitting with life- but for, me, sometimes the greatest reminders of how to tackle a problem (stitch by stitch), or a reminder that it's worth going through pain for something amazing in the end is a good reminder for me personally.  This week I needed the reminder.

And wine.  I also needed A LOT of that too.  :-)

I begin again today.  This blanket can only improve and get better.  I've tackled the hard stuff and now I just need to look ahead to the finished project.  Hopefully that means still meeting my June 20 goal.  Stay tuned dear reader.... stay tuned.

..... To my "moms" in my knitting group that faithfully read this blog: I'm okay.  Really.  It was a tough week but everyone and everything is OK.  Don't worry!!!!!

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Fiona said...

I agree with your parallel, life is a lot like knitting sometimes, glad you got back to square one, as you say things can only get better from here :)