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Friday, May 31, 2013

Stampede Misery Mystery Project

This May has been crappy.  Horrific knitting errors and constant medical misadventures with my family.   (We are all sick.  Again.  The littlest one is on antibiotics... good times.  NOT.)  I had hoped that May 31 would be "the reveal" where I would show you my mystery project and celebrate by knitting insanely simple and fun things this summer.  Alas- that was not in store.  Medical misadventures have the ability to sidetrack one and suck away the knitting time.  That's not to say there isn't progress, because there is, it's just not what I would have hoped.

This puppy is off the needles!  And OH I am so relieved it's over.  (BAH-BYE bobbins!)


The thing is, every time I get a little chill of happiness that I'm not knitting this project anymore, I'm reminded of this:

I'll just be in the corner weeping

Yes- that would be the definition of a "metric butt load" of ends to weave in.  This project is so faaaarrrrrr from finished still.  This week, the only thing I accomplished was weaving in the blue ends.  That was all.  There was that many that needed to done.  (I'll do a final snip and clean up the "bumps" once the blanket is blocked and things are tucked in nicely.)


There's still white, orange and green to do.  *sigh* I've decided a different reward system- and do all the colors at once and then knit some on the project- and so with blue out of the way, I'm going to knit 10 small things that get us closer to some kind of "reveal" on the mystery project.  (Is this even a mystery to anyone anymore?  Should I call it something else?  Stampede MISERY project?)

I'm so grateful tomorrow is June 1.  I need a new month.  A new clean slate where no one is sick and where everyone is reasonably happy and content.  I have a new goal.  Finish this blanket by June 20.  (Entry deadline)  This needs to be done.  I need to move on to fun and happy projects- not ones that are making me slowly hate my life.  (Perhaps I'm being a touch dramatic here... bear with me.)

So here we go.  Last day of May, and I'm convinced nothing else crappy can happen.  Only upward from here people!  Only upward!

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