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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In Which I Complain Bitterly

How sick are you of this stupid blanket?  How sick are you of hearing me complain about this stupid blanket?  If you take all those things, you wouldn't even come close to how SICK I AM OF THIS STUPID BLANKET.

I hates it.  I hates it so much.

Yes, I'm close.  Really close.  So close a blog post bitching and whining about how sick I am of THIS STUPID BLANKET is probably unnecessary- but here we are.  Because, in case you missed it, I AM SICK OF THIS STUPID BLANKET.

It's blocked and I'm sewing on ears.  The ears aren't perfect.  They are making me twitchy.  I like perfection.  I need to accept that when it comes to sewing on ears... perfection is not going to be achieved here.  It also bugs me because the less perfect the ears are, the less I want to submit this as my Stampede entry.  It's not perfect- what if people look at it and say "WHAT A HORRIBLE KNITTER!?"  (They won't- I'm entirely in "over dramatize and over react" stage of knitting this blanket.  I am at the stage where I think this blanket may be responsible for Cancer.  Seriously.  I hate it that much.)

I have until Wed.  The ears aren't the final part.  I still need to crochet and attach (*sob- I hate sewing more than I hate this project I think...) "stems" to the "carrots".  Suddenly Wednesday is coming up on me so fast it's making my head spin.  WHEN WILL I FIND THE TIME TO DO THIS!?  WHY WILL MY CHILD NOT NAP FOR A GOOD FIVE HOUR STRETCH?  (For the record, he's never, ever, in his entire life, napped for a 5 hour stretch... but see the part about being dramatic written above.)

I look at other projects with agony and desire.  I LONG TO KNIT SOMETHING THAT IS NOT THIS STUPID. BLANKET.  

Did I mention this blanket is stupid?  Did I mention I'm over it.  Like O.V.E.R. I.T.

GAH.  I need wine.  SO MUCH WINE.

(No- there are no pictures... because I'm too mad at this blanket to capture it on photo.)

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Rebecca Mongrain said...

So much hates! You can do it! You need wine and quiet time but you can totally do it.