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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Planning

For the next three months the stash and I will be separated.  (Commence hang wringing, fidgeting, nail biting and any other nervous twitch associated with being apart from your beloved.)

(Feels like a good reason to separate for awhile... the whole house is like this.)

I'm always so overwhelmed when it comes to project planning for the future.  I needed to pack up enough stash to get me through the summer.  (I do have access to my stash so it's not like I can't go back to get something.)  BUT- on the upside, it makes great blog fodder... so here's what I packed.


Black & White: Leftover acrylic for a blanket section I'm knitting for WCOBBS.
Small Blue Ball: The Lace shawl I haven't given up completely on.... yet.
The Pink Stuff: Hat yarn for pink hat project of 2013.  (I'm ahead!  More on that in a minute)
Red & Black Balls: Mitten yarn for MiL... I promised her mittens back in February... it's probably time I started those.
Green with Pink and Purple Stripes: My simple self striping sock
Grey, Blue & Purple Stripe blanket

So yes, I'd say that I'm optimistic on what I can accomplish this summer.  Not pictured is the Misery project because IT IS BLOCKING. 

I have officially entered in... so this MUST BE DONE by June 26.  I am heeding the advice from those of you who commented to me that washing pom pom's is not advised and am devising a way for them to be detachable.  MiL and I were discussing this the other day, this is probably more of a wall hanging than an actual functional blanket.... but oh well- it'll be cute in someone's room?  The end is near!  I also decided to enter the Belearique Socks I finished back in January because, why not?!

I mentioned that I was ahead for my hat knitting count as July hat is done.  Say hello to my pinky friend....


AND, if as if that isn't enough good news to kick off the summer- my kiddo is finally over his cold and is back to his much more normal self. 


I'm so glad it's finally June!  Let's see where all these projects will be at the end of August!!

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